Vinitaly 2023: the first at full capacity after the pandemic

Vinitaly 2023 closed with an exploit in attendance from the U.S. and Asia with a total attendance of 93,000, including 29,600 foreigners. The growth over the last edition was almost entirely driven by the entries of foreign buyers (+20% approx.) from 143 countries.

Vinitaly and the City, the Verona "fuorisalone" from this year totally returned to the organizational sphere of the Verona Fair, recorded more than 45 thousand tastings (+50% over 2022) by winelovers in the historic center of Verona.

My Vinitaly again this year was a very intense two days.


A masterclass on Vernaccia with Andrea Gori organized by the Consortium of Vernaccia di San Gimignano - die Seite in deutscher Sprache who presented "Triangles and Duets": a culinary journey between Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Tuscan cuisine.



A masterclass on pairing Parmigiano Reggiano and Emilian bubbles organized by the Women of Wine of Emilia Romagna that explored the art of pairing fine Parmigiano Reggiano with Emilian bubbles, creating a unique taste experience.

And a tasting at the Consortium for the Protection of Bolgheri Wines with an overview of the denomination's wines.

Tastings and tastings but Vinitaly is also about catching up with friends: from rendez vous with Giulia Ragni to the inevitable visit to the King of Brunello Alexander Moors.

And then the National Assembly of the National Association The Women of Wine and the impromptu Convivial at the booth of Marianne Cardone.


To close with the grand finale with the Women of Wine Gala Dinner at the Gran Guardia Palace.

Thank you all and a promise to those I didn't get to say hello to: I will visit you in the basement!

And a commitment for next year: attend at least one more day!

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