Gourmet tours in the Marche: Umani Ronchi and the Michelin-starred Andreina



Here we come to the annual Gourmet trip to the Marche region on a visit to the winery Humans Ronchi With lunch at Andreina Restaurant!

Michele Bernetti welcomed us and guided us on a tour of the model winery inspired by sustainable values and the Bottaia, an example of unstructured architecture that blends nature and functionality, where quality and sustainability find their highest expression.

In the Bottaia we made a toast with Verdicchio Casal di Serra: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, Montepulciano in the Conero and in Abruzzo along with Pecorino and Lacrima di Morro d'Alba are in fact the grape varieties cultivated with passion by Michele and his father Massimo.

After the inevitable shopping in the wine shop, our gourmet lunch awaited us at Andreina Restaurant where we were greeted by Ramona Ragaini, Italy's best sommelier for the 2018 Identità Golose guide as well as the soul of the room where her husband, chef Errico Recanati.


Ramona guided us through the various pairings by describing the dishes, and Michele told us about the wines.

In the opening we had fun "making an olive all'ascolana," followed by mackerel with burnt onion and raspberry with classic method rosé nature.

the potato gnocco cooked under the ashes stuffed with venison in salmi with Castelli di Jesi Verdicchio Riserva 2016 Plenio, tasting of spaghetto cotto alla brace cacio e 7 pepi and barbecued partridge with Conero Riserva 2014 Cumaro.

And to finish Pecorino ice cream and small pastries with botritys vineria Maximo 2016.

A wonderful gourmet day with an authentic Marche flavor-thanks to Michele, Ramona, and Errico for guiding us on this journey! 

A thank you to our consul Alexander Bonelli for its always impeccable organization and to all participants with special thanks to Violante For being with us on this wonderful Marche experience.

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