Washing and maintenance of goblets and glasses

It is good not to leave glasses with wine residue for a long time before they are washed.

I then rinse them as soon as possible to remove wine residue to prevent the glass/crystal from staining and being more complicated to wash.

I use liquid goblet detergent and wash them one by one, rinsing them well immediately under running water.

I drain them upside down and dry them well with special goblet cloth that does not release lint.

Goblets and glasses can be washed in the dishwasher (each manufacturer usually indicates its recommendations).

I do this:

  • I choose a liquid detergent
  • I choose a wash program for glassware, if any, or otherwise medium duration with low temperatures
  • You should avoid putting glass together with pots and pans with grease residue: so I rinse pots and pans well before putting them in the dishwasher
  • Checking that there is no shortage of salt
  • I add ½ glass of vinegar occasionally during the wash cycle
  • I add the rinse aid
  • I remove the glasses only after they are completely dry

I store goblets and glasses in the appropriate compartments but not inside cardboard boxes, being careful to avoid placing them near coffee, cleaning products, spices or other items that release odors.

Before each new use, I check the goblet for unusual odors and if so, I rinse it before pouring wine into it.

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