Pacina: a paradise between Chianti Classico and the Crete Mountains

Over the Open Cellars weekend, I was lucky enough to spend a morning in Pacina with Joan and her husband Stephen.

A natural paradise between Chianti Classico and the Crete Senesi, a wonderful ecosystem in harmonious balance led with love and passion by Giovanna and Stefano.

All organic: first the vine and then the wine are in charge, which are followed and cared for with consistency, constancy and patience.

Here is true Sangiovese del Chianti as it was once made: an act of love and gratitude to the long history of this grape variety and this land.

A wine with a classic bouquet with dark red fruit but also leaves and a hint of licorice. In the mouth it has nice acidity, characterful tannins and beautiful intensity, persistence, complexity and finesse.

Not only wine, but also a fantastic extra virgin oil, organic of course!

Thank you Giovanna and Stefano: two wonderful people in a magical place! 


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