Welcome Brunello 2019

Balancing work and tastings in half a day necessarily means having to make choices. So here I am curious to taste this 2014 Brunello, the result of a climatically difficult vintage but one that pleasantly surprised me. 

The 2017 reds are interesting, but it is the 2013 reserves that are the top of this important preview: wines of great elegance and pleasant drinkability.

I went from the Brunello with soft tannins of the Uccelliera - Montalcino to the pleasant and characterful one of SassodiSole, to the spicy and elegant one of the Tricerchi Castle, to the always traditional Brunello di Montalcino Hut - Italy to get to the excitement of Brunello de The Marroneto and especially of the Madonna delle Grazie Reserve of Alexander Moors: the very fine tannins that I like!

Really a BB19 on the fly: hope to enjoy it more next year! 


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