Goblets of Stars 2019

Always a nice opportunity to visit magnificent places in our history, in this case, Palazzo Sansedoni, home of the MPS Foundation and Palazzo Pubblico with the Loggia dei Nove, to see producer friends, sommeliers and winelovers again and, despite the great heat, try some interesting tastings.
Thanks to Davide Bonucci for the usual splendid organization, to producer friends including the always wonderful Alexander MoorsLuca BarelliTasting companion and great forographer, MarcellusMarianita and the whole service team in the very hot Lodge, Monica For welcoming us so well.
Special thanks to friends Gianpaolo e Stefania for following me to the tastings at Palazzo Sansedoni and especially for the good talk.❤
The biggest thanks to my family who, as always, follows me so patiently on my enocultural journey. 
Cheers! 🥂


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